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Anesthesia & Pain

In our clinic, we centralize our pain treatments around drug therapy, physical therapy, psychotherapy as well as herbal therapy or possibly special injections for severe pain with the aim to improve blood circulation and the body’s natural ability to heal.

Special pain examinations (by appointment only)

Special pain examinations are held by an anesthesiologist and it is only available by reservation. For those who are disturbed by pain in their daily lives, we provide consultations and possibly drug therapy, hyperthermia, injection therapy, and etc depending on the particular area of pain.
Those who have chronic pain require continuous treatment. Details are thoroughly discussed during appointments are by reservations only so please book ahead of time. If you received a CT, MRI, or X-ray examination at another hospital, please bring the photos with you if possible for a better pain assessment. If you are taking any oral medication prescribed by another clinic or hospital, please bring those prescriptions along during your clinical examination.

Cooperation with an Orthopedic Clinic

There are various reasons that cause pain and we will consider various treatment methods. Our clinic coordinates with an orthopedic specialist that can provide diagnostic imaging for a more specialized treatment.

Hyperthermia treatment

Hyperthermia treatment
Hyperthermia treatment

Hyperthermia is treated using xenon light-generating equipment in our clinic. The Xenon light we use is mainly a woven wavelength of excellent near-infrared that deeply warms our body tissue to promote blood circulation. It loosens muscle stiffness with an interference wave massage effect. We recommend 2 to 3 treatments per week at the beginning. 1 treatment takes approximately 10 minutes. We use pain-blocking injections when needed if there is any unbearable involved in our treatments (nerve block therapy).

Nerve block therapy

We can alleviate pain by injecting local anesthetics to nerve conduction pathways. If pain continues for a long time, a lot of excessive tension is exerted on sensory nerves such as the motor nerves. The body's blood circulation becomes poorer and causes muscles to tense up, which results in more pain and thus falling into a vicious cycle of pain.
Nerve blocking stops this vicious cycle and improves the blood flow within the damaged area. It normally lasts for approximately an hour, though blood flow improves by then and thus pain is reduced afterwards and symptoms improve. There are different therapeutic effects depending on the individual. Since it is difficult to remove all of the pain with one treatment, we recommend repeated treatments for better results.


1. Stellate Ganglion Block

Stellate Ganglion Block This is an injection of local anesthetics in the sympathetic nerve tissue within the neck. It temporarily loosens the sympathetic nerves, which increases self-healing, improves blood circulation in the dominant region of the sympathetic nerve and helps recover various organs with reduced functionality. It also helps balance autonomic nervous hormone secretion, improves immunity (resistance), and useful for a variety of symptoms and illnesses.

Targeted diseases:

Cervical disease, post-herpetic neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia, etc.

2. epidural block

epidural block It is injection of local anesthetics in a place called the epidural space in the epidural lumbar vertebrae (spine) to temporarily relieve pain. It also increases the self-healing power to improve the lumbar region’s blood circulation and lower extremities. Injection takes places just on the outermost membrane that envelops the nerve (dura mater) as the needle is not inserted into the nerve for a pain free injection.

Targeted diseases:

Herniated disc, intervertebral stenosis, post-herpetic neuralgia, etc.

3. suprascapular nerve block

suprascapular nerve block This injection is injected at the usual injection location at the suprascapular nerve in the shoulder. The Head of the humerus that is attached to the shoulder bone has a tendon connecting them. In order to relieve pain in the shoulder joint and its surrounding area, local anesthetics is injected around the scapular nerves governing this tendon, which would improve shoulder movement.

Targeted diseases:

Cervicobrachial Syndrome, Shoulder periarthritis, frozen shoulder, etc.

4. trigger block (Lumbar sympathetic block)

trigger block (Lumbar sympathetic block) Trigger blocks pain in areas under pressure and these locations are referred as “trigger points”. We inject local anesthetics in these locations to temporarily relieve pain.

Targeted diseases:

Low back pain, stiff neck, and adapt to the pain in general, such as post-herpetic neuralgia


Analgesic (Painkillers)

Analgesic (Painkillers)
Analgesic (Painkillers)

Some pain are chronic and quite severe and are stubborn to even a variety of treatments such as analgesic injections and hyperthermia. You may want to use analgesics like neuralgia relaxation drugs and anesthetic formulas. There are different forms of medicine, internal and external-pasting types. Our Clinic prescribes tram set (oral) Lyrica capsules, (oral) Durotep MT patches (changed every 3 days), Daily Duro patches (changed daily), and Nol span tape (changed every 7 days). Pain specializing physicians will thoroughly ask you the details and background of your pain to prescribe a most appropriate combination of drugs for you. There are advantages and disadvantages in each medicine, along with potential different side effects. We take ample time to thoroughly explain the proper use of your prescription so you are well knowledged of your condition.

Durotep MT patches / One Duro patches - analgesic pastes

Durotep MT patches / One Duro patches - analgesic pastes
Durotep MT patches / One Duro patches - analgesic pastes

Strong medical analgesics are used when usual analgesics are unable to suppress the intense pain of a patient; A few examples are morphine, codeine and Durotape. Addiction to such drugs is unlikely if used in accordance to a physician's guidance. Durotape MT patch and One Duro patch are medicine that you can apply directly on the skin’s surface. Some should be replaced every 3 days while there are those that need to be replaced on a daily basis.

Chinese medicine therapy

Chinese herbal medicine may be prescribed if it provides a higher effectiveness with other prescribed drugs. The usage of Chinese medicine varies from acute symptoms such as a cold to deep chronic diseases and all specially formulated for each individual’s needs.

About Placenta therapy

Japanese Biologically formulated Placenta
Japanese Biologically formulated Placenta

Placenta is from tiny fertilized eggs. Since it is packed with important nutrients, non-human mammals are said to eat their placenta after birth. There are a variety of benefits that can’t be obtained elsewhere such as the improvement of central liver functions, improves the impacts of menopause, help recovery from general malaise (feeling of discomfort or uneasiness) , a stiff neck due to muscle fatigue, back pain relief, anti-aging benefits (thinner sunspots and skin is more lucid), allergic improvements and anti-oxidizing properties. You can receive these injections at our clinic or mix it with your foundation (cosmetics). It helps relieve pain symptoms as well as your skin condition. Please contact us for more information.

The Sea and Earth's Blessed Supplements

The Sea and Earth's Blessed Supplements
The Sea and Earth's Blessed Supplements

In order to maintain youthful-looking skin on a daily basis, we recommend these original supplements. The main ingredient is placenta hyaluronic acid-fucoidan.

  • Placenta: The active ingredient which contains a large number of physiological active substances. It contains vitamins, amino acids, minerals, cell growth factor, and etc. Improved blood circulation and metabolism helps rejuvenate the hair and skin. It also has a whitening effect.
  • Hyaluronic acid: A component present in the human body but continues to decrease in amount as we age. It increases the water-retaining capacity of the skin and maintains the elasticity of your skin and hair.
  • Fucoidan: A component naturally found in seaweed, kelp, and sporophyll, which is what makes the seaweed’s surface “Slimy”. In recent years, Studies show that fucoidan naturally destroys cancer cells Japanese Biologically formulated Placenta and no side effects to normal cells.

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