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Online web reservation system

You can book an appointment using your Smartphone or PC with our newly introduced online reservation system. It is completely free of charge and easy to use!

Only those who have a consultation history with our hospital can make online reservations

Booking Reservations

  • General Dermatology examinations (on a first-come, first-served policy)
  • Vaccinations (requires reservations 2 days in advance)
  • Beauty treatments (are reserved under our beauty clinic. First-timers are welcomed to make appointments with us)
  • Wire treatments (are every Saturday at 5:30pm on weekdays and will continue as is)
  • Special beauty examinations (every Saturday at 5:30pm. First-timers can make phone reservations)

Before maing a reservation

1.Your e-mail Settings

Please make sure your e-mail service and e-mail filter can receive e-mails from "".

  1. SoftBank Settings:Click here for details(Japanese)
  2. Docomo Settings:Click here for details(Japanese)
  3. AU Settings:Click here for details(Japanese)(

※If your phone provider is AU, you will need [set of spoofing regulation] commonly not found in the non-mail filter settings.

2.Cookie settings

For those who are using a web browser from your PC or smartphone, you need to set your electronic to allow the cookies from our site. Please see the below links to for more browser setup information.

  1. Internet Explorer settings
  2. Firefox settings
  3. Google Chrome settings
  4. Safari settings
  5. Safari settings (iOS)

Member registration method

1.Sending a blank e-mail

You can receive the membership registration form by sending a blank e-mail from your device.

[Registration from PC]
Please send a blank e-mail to
[Registration from mobile phones and smart phones]
You can scan the QR code below or access our reservation system with the link below to send us a blank e-mail. You can also use your phone that is equiped with FeliCa to gain access to the above URL by holding your device on top of the registration terminal at our clinic reception area.

2.Inputting information and Registration

You will receive an automatic reply. A membership registration form would appear when you access to the URL therein and please fill in the required information to complete your member registration.
Only the information of the user using the smartphone will be registered. If you would like to have another family member receive an examination, you can add additional members after completing the initial registration is complete.

3.How to Book an Appointment

Once membership registration is complete, log-in on the reservation page using your e-mail address and password you just registered (it is a good idea to check the "easier login" check box) to make a reservation by selecting the desired item. It is very convenient system since you can book a reservation whenever you like.

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