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Musashi Urawa Station / 4-minute walk

Muse Dermatology & Pain Clinic

General Dermatology, Aesthetic Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Anesthesiology Herbal treatments





As medical staff, we never forget that patients are suffering from their health problem and are in need of medical treatments. We understand a patient's perspective and point of view. With grace and care, we strive to provide the best medical care possible.

Chairman & MD, Ph.D., Hitosugi Naoko

Many boys and girls who I have helped during their toddler days come back to the clinic again in need of acne treatments during adolescence. Being able to meet and help those who once received our treatments once more is one of our pleasures in life. As a skincare practitioner, those are the moments we feel pleased and enjoy the most. We are heading towards our clinic's 10th anniversary and will continue to move forward with a caring attitude to provide the best Japanese hospitality in medicine.
We provide treatments by selecting the most optimal means for everyone's skin concerns and symptoms with an accurate diagnosis. Additionally, we provide and allow as many adequate treatments required within our local facility. Skin, aging, and pain consulting, are all available at our clinic.


  • Graduated from Dokkyo Medical University
  • Dokkyo Medical University Koshigaya Hospital Department of Anesthesiology and Emergency Medicine
  • Then, Saitama Medical University anesthesiology classroom Graduate Diploma
  • Worked in a school within the United States' Albert Einstein University NS / LIJ hospital
  • Joined the Toda Central General Hospital's dermatology department
  • Currently serving as a Lecturer in Dokkyo Medical University Koshigaya Hospital's Anesthesiology department
  • Medical Corporation Renai Association Muse dermatology Pain Clinic president


  • A member of the Japan Society of Anesthesiologists
  • A member of the Japan Dermatological Association
  • A member of the Japan Society of Pain Clinicians
  • A member of the Japan Anti-Aging Society

General Manager Akahane Ikue

We cherish the interactions we have with every patient when working in a clinic like ours.

Compared to the opening days of the clinic, the development around Musashi Urawa station and the scenery around it have changed quite considerably. Our clinic also experienced many ups and downs, but we have been able to provide a wider variety of quality treatments since then. Many medical instruments have been added to the clinic since opening day and even a new department with the introduction of new treatments.
The needs of people are changing. We not only treat diseases that cause itchy skin but a lot of other types of surgery are demanded such as mole removal for aesthetic reasons and etc. I believe there is an increasing interest in anti-aging these days.

There are many types of medical services that patients seek out. In response for such demands, we do our best to continue providing the best customer service available. Even with new medical instruments, drugs, and new treatment methods, it doesn't change the fact that we should be cautious with how we practice medicine on an everyday basis. A sense of kindness and care with timely services without long waits are also part of the treatment itself. Although they are words easily said, they are more difficult to achieve in practice.

The time that us staff spend with patients isn't so long due to the large number of patients at our clinic on any given day but as a clinic staff, each patient leaves an strong impression so we want to offer the best medical care to them as possible. Local residents find the clinic easy to access as well as a comfortable place to receive advice through our skincare consultations.

Clinic Department Head Sugawara Kozue

I want to make a friendly atmosphere with a welcoming smile

Being the clinic's main image, I want to welcome patients with a warm greeting. I try my best in hopes of seeing a full return of a patient's smile after their examinations. Since our front desk staff not only handles paperwork but also assist in clinical examinations, we aim to respond to our patient's concerns with kindness and care.

Beauty Clinic Department Head Koda Terumi

I want to help everyone pursue their definition of "beauty"

Each person have different skin problems. I believe many people who have skin concerns find it difficult to speak to someone about them. Muse Clinic is a place for anyone to receive discrete and professional advice.
We continuously aim to make our clinic a place which cherishes human interactions by our smiles and excellent customer service. We are delighted when clients are able to relax as we try out best to help you release and heal from the stress built up in your daily lives with our aromas and music.
Since December 2013, the clinic was reborn as “Muse city clinic” with the introduction of new clinical equipment to meet the demands of increasing clientele with a wider range of services.
Please feel free to contact us anytime.

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