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Musashi Urawa Station / 4-minute walk

Muse Dermatology & Pain Clinic

General Dermatology, Aesthetic Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Anesthesiology Herbal treatments




Announcement (Nov. 2016)

  • The demand for anesthetic services is increasing so they are now also available every Saturday mornings. Pain Clinic hours will change to every other Monday starting from May. Due to this, your examination appointment may have change. Please verify with us just encase.
  • Reservations for beauty treatments and vaccinations are available online. For more information, please visit here or ask one of our clinic staff upon your visit to our clinic.
  • In cosmetic dermatology department, we are currently holding our annual customerappreciation event. For more information, please visit here or ask one of our clinic staff upon your visit to our clinic.
  • The Anesthesia/pain clinic is now using ESPURGE, a new equipment for ultrasound therapy that utilizes low-frequency wave lengths to stimulate different parts of the body. For more information, please ask one of our physicians in our clinic.
  • Examination time on Saturdays have been extended to 7pm.

Consultation hours

    Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
Dermatology 9:30am -
3:00pm -
Pain Clinic Only by Appointments
9:30am - 1:00pm


Plastic Surgery Only by Appointments
4pm onwards-

3pm onwards-
  • Days Closed: Thursdays, Sundays and public holidays
  • General dermatology and examinations are carried out in order. Please bring your insurance card when coming to the clinic.
  • There are priority reservations for the Beauty and Pain clinic.
  • The clinic does not have any parking.
  • Those who are visiting our beauty clinic have access to our facilities specifically designed for facial washing and applying makeup. (They include dermatological certified facial soap). Please bring your own makeup tools.

Medical Questionnaire form for First-time patients

Please download and fill out this questionnaire form and bring it to the clinic for ensuring you receive prompt timely services and a shorter waiting time.


General Dermatology

There are many common skin problems such as Athlete's foot, hives, itches, rashes, flying sparks, heat rashes, diaper rashes, warts, moles, blotches, ingrown nails, burns, and skin problems related to injuries. Those with are concerned with any of these skin problems are welcomed to consult with us at our general dermatology Clinic.  ・・・See more »

Aesthetic Dermatology

We help you achieve healthier, more youthful looking skin with the experience of our doctors and the latest technology. We provide high quality treatments which may include ointments, medical drugs, and also guide you through the basics of skincare. We start our treatments with a face wash and provide the basic skincare necessities at our facility. If you wear makeup, please bring your makeup kit since you may apply it after certain treatments. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  ・・・See more »

Acne, acne scars
Recommended treatments:
Chemical peeling  Diamond Peeling  Fractional Laser
Stains, red-faced
Recommended treatments:
Trinity Plus  Face Placenta  Epoderm  Elite  Supplements
Chinese medicine  Accolade Therapy
Wrinkles, sagging
Recommended treatments:
Waterlight injection  Trinity Plus  Tenol  Fractional Laser  Botox  
Epoderm  Laser Facial  Supplements
Recommended treatments:
CoolSculpting  Tenol  Fractional Laser  Chinese medicine
Xenical  Vanquish
Hair loss, hair growth
Recommended treatments:
Elite  Latisse  Propecia  Fractional Laser  Placenta Injections
Supplements  hair growth tonics

Anesthesia & Pain

In our clinic, we centralize our pain treatments around drug therapy, physical therapy, psychotherapy as well as herbal therapy or possibly special injections for severe pain with the aim to improve blood circulation and the body’s natural ability to heal.  ・・・See more »

Staff Introduction

As medical staff, we never forget that patients are suffering from their health problem and are in need of medical treatments. We understand a patient’s perspective and point of view. With grace and care, we strive to provide the best medical care possible.  ・・・See more »

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